Choosing the right speaker for your event

Choosing the right speaker for your event

Amid all of the pressures which come which planning an event, it is easy to overlook the impact your guest speaker can have on an event.

A well-staged event can be elevated or fail depending on the quality of the featured speaker. If you make the right decision, attendees will leave the event feeling enthused and positive. So how do you go about selecting the right speaker for your event?

Check the budget

Every decision made when planning starts with the budget. Be realistic about what you can spend on the speaker. Ultimately the more emphasis you put on the presence of the speaker, the more you should be willing to pay. If the whole event is built around the speaker, then you should be willing to pay high for the best possible person.

Calculate your guest speaker budget on the basis of their overall impact, and the money you are willing to sacrifice in other areas of the event budget

Understand what you want / the aim

The aim of the speaker should entwine itself with the aims of the event. Is it a fundraising event? A business conference? Different event types will call for a different approach. As an example, if your speaker is expected to have a question and answer session, think outside the box – such a speaker maybe provided by someone within the company which would also help with your budgetary requirements.

Consider your guests

Ask yourself a few simple questions about the age, gender, interests and professional status of your audience, and you will immediately begin to paint a picture of a speaker that will fit. Combing an understanding of your audience with a focus on any specific message you wish to convey will give you a strong idea.

Do your research

The internet is the perfect tool for giving you an impression of what to expect from a speaker. Once the chosen speaker is on stage performing, there is little you can do to prevent something going wrong. It’s out of your hands. But by doing research you will be prepared for what to expect your speaker is going to deliver.

Finding the right speaker for your event is not necessarily a difficult task, but it does require time, consideration and early planning. Know your audience, understand what you expect from your guest speaker, and always be sure to book early.


Rosie Priestley is a Director of Toolshed Communications.